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Read the reviews of those who have joined Living in Fitness:
I enjoy the range of exercises, with the options of increased effort, I enjoy the atmosphere that you add to by being interested in individual abilities, with clear instructions, and assistance as required.

I enjoy the opportunity of working in our own splendid hall, with neighbors who become friends.
I enjoy the challenge and feel the benefit in the upper body exercises, but appreciate that the class is run in a non-competitive manner.
I enjoy the gentle exercise which helps me with age related problems and I feel better for it I and try to keep the exercises up during the week (not always!!).

I find that my walking and bending is better. It is also a social occasion when you meet people and Carl is very supportive in all we do.
I have muscles used to have in my younger days and walk very well (including climbing stairs).

Following the operation i could not put a sock on my left leg or tie the shoe lace --- easy now.
Structure of classes well thought out, warm up stretches then quick to get the heart moving followed by slow down then stretches to finish.
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We all have different aches and pains but you always find a way to make it possible to do the exercises by giving us alternative ways to achieve the same result.
I think the thing I enjoy most about the classes is meeting and talking to other members of the group.
They are all very sociable and we get on well together.
I feel I am fitter, stronger and have more stamina than I used to.
I even have muscles on my arms and legs that I thought I has lost forever.